PLC 10

PLC 10

EAL Level 3: (Typically Siemens S7, Allen Bradley and Mitsubishi are covered)

Course Description

Our PLC training course will be based on the relevant software and hardware. We aim to make the course as practical as possible, leading to ‘real world’ skills and not just theoretical skills.

No prior knowledge is required for this course as it starts from scratch and assumes no previous experience, you will reach the skilled level where you can look at becoming a programmer, get into engineering maintenance in an industrial environment, fault find or make amendments to programs, this is the course for you.

The ‘Typical’ 10 day level 3 course usually covers 2 or 3 of the major manufacturers, Siemens S7, Allen Bradley and Mitsubishi (This can be amended to other manufacturers if you have a particular requirement). The course aims to be 90% practical, as we believe the easiest way to learn is to do it! Every student works on their own dedicated training rig and computer, enabling you to get the most from the course. A full set of course notes and a USB drive full of other manuals is provided at the end of the course.

We can also cover a wide range of manufacturers including :

  • Siemens Step 5 PLC Training (Using Step 5, Quadriga or Others)
  • Allen Bradley PLC 3; 5 Training (AB6200 Software)
  • RSLogix 5 PLC Training
  • SLC PLC Training (RSLogix 500)
  • ControlLogix PLC Training (RS Logix5000)
  • MicroLogix PLC Training (RSLogix 500)
  • S7-200 PLC Training (Step 7 Micro)
  • S7-300 PLC Training (Step 7 or TIA Portal)
  • S7-400 PLC Training (Step 7 or TIA Portal)
  • Kuhnke PLC Training (Kubes)
  • Omron PLC Training (Syswin)
  • Modicon PLC Training (ProWorx and Others)
  • Mitsubishi PLC Training (Medoc, GX Developer, GPP & Others)
  • Toshiba PLC Training
  • GE Fanuc PLC Training
  • Telemecanique PLC Training
  • Most other PLC manufacturer training undertaken.

Level 3 Certification

To achieve certification, candidates must be able to:

  • Demonstrate an Understanding of the Internal Architecture of PLCs, their Applications and Knowledge of the Number Systems they use.
  • Demonstrate an Understanding of Typical Input and Output Devices used with PLCs, their Selection and how they are Interfaced to the PLC.
  • Investigate and Display an Understanding of the Basic Programming Techniques used with PLCs.
  • Produce a Correctly Developed Program for a PLC to Control a Specified Process and Document the Completed Program to a Satisfactory Standard.
  • Demonstrate an Understanding of How to Monitor PLC Operation, Force Devices and Fault Find PLC Controlled Processes.

We offer unbiased technical support and access to a wealth of knowledge and information upon completion. Once you’ve completed your course with Technique, you can be assured that our service doesn’t end there…

Please do not confuse us with cheap imitation courses, we offer first class PRACTICAL training using state of the art PLC systems and the latest software. These PLC’s have been carefully selected to match the latest current trends in industry, to match what industry is using. We DO NOT use simulator software, our training is very much hands on, allowing you the confidence when completing the course to work in the real world. You cannot gain this with simulators. Presently 90% of the industry run with either Allen Bradley or Siemens S7 PLC’s. Why learn on something which isn’t used in the real world? Don’t get ridiculed in the real world, by having unusable theoretical skills. ALL our trainers are industry leaders, who are time served, experienced and highly qualified in the subject field, with a minimum of 20 years each in the industry. We can accommodate most makes of PLC’s, however, if you are new to the industry, we would HIGHLY recommend learning on the major players first using real PLC’s, real software and real training rigs.

We are the ONLY Centre to also offer an industry recognised, City & Guilds accredited* certification in PLC, which is run in tandem to the EAL qualification.

* accreditation certificate supplied by Technique Learning Solutions (Technique Training Ltd)

Costs and availability

£1,962.00 + VAT (£2,354.40 inc VAT & all fees)

Please contact the Centre for details of the next available courses at or 01246 932070


This course will be run from our facilities in Clay Cross

What is Obtained/Achieved?

  • Level 3 EAL award in Programmable Logic Controllers
  • City & Guilds – Programmable Logic Controllers


    Good Training

    Time Spent on effective Training is a sound investment.

    We adopt a “Hands On” approach to training. Our courses contain the essential knowledge required, coupled with a high level of practical application.

    Results in significant measurable improvements in performance.
    Rapidly transfers to the workplace.
    Develops Confidence.
    Stimulates and motivates.
    Recognises and expands each individual’s skills and experience.