Achievement Measurement 2 assessment (Electrotechnical Experienced Worker)

(This checklist must be fully completed and and verified by NET before the assessment commences). Completing this checklist is a compulsory part of the AM2 assessment preparation. Self – Employed and candidates without a training provider may submit the checklist to ourselves and we can upload it on their behalf.

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    AM2E Skills Assessment

    The AM2E skills assessment takes place over three days and comprises of six sections:

    A1 Safe Working Practices

    45 mins

    A Composite installation

    8 hours 30 mins

    B Inspection, testing and certification

    3 hours 30 mins

    C Safe isolation of circuits

    30 mins

    D Fault Diagnosis and Rectification

    2 hours

    E Assessment of applied knowledge

    (online exam) 1 hour

    The six sections must be completed within the specified target times. The work must comply with the requirements of the current lEE Wiring Regulations (BS 7671) and Health and Safety Regulations. Candidates will be permitted to refer to the current edition of the lEE Wiring Regulations (BS 7671), lEE Guidance Note No.3 Inspection and Testing and the lEE On-Site Guide (OSG) during the assessments.
    Candidates will work on a standard assessment unit, using drawings, block and circuit diagrams and written instructions.
    Candidates must present themselves at the assessment centre dressed in suitable working clothing and wear sound footwear.

    The AM2E skill assessment can only be taken at an Approved AM2E Assessment Centre, licensed annually by NET. An assessment should be booked directly with an Approved AM2E Assessment Centre. Candidates must provide photographic identification at the commencement of the assessment.

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